Williamson Directional Boring is a contractor in Montana with its own Horizontal Directional Drilling equipment and workforce. This allows the Company greater flexibility and control of the project schedule to meet the needs of the customer.

Since 1995, Williamson Directional Boring has successfully completed thousands of directional drilled crossings. From sand to clay, Williamson Directional Boring has placed lines under rivers, lakes, sensitive wet lands, airport runways, and other natural and man-made obstacles.

Specializing in directional drilling for the power and telecom industries, Williamson Directional Boring and Support Equipment are maintained and based at our three-acre facility in Great Falls, Montana. Capabilities include pipe sizes from 1″ to 20″ in diameter, and drilled lengths in excess of one thousand feet. All projects have been completed on time in a safe, efficient, and environmental matter.


Our Services:

The types of projects we bore include:

  • Gravity and pressure sewer
  • Telecommunication lines (fiber)
  • Water service
  • Power service
  • Drain installation
  • Gas