Drill through Solid Rock!

Williamson Directional Boring owns and operates the most technologically-advanced drilling equipment, including maxi- to mini-drill rigs with pullback forces to handle most jobs. Our extensive range of mud mixing, pumping, jet heads, reamers and special tooling combined with our knowledge and experience allows us to successfully complete small, medium and major pipeline projects.


  • Short, medium or long lengths of pipe can be installed without intermediate pits
  • Pipes can be installed either straight or curved to steer clear of obstacles
  • By boring underground the working area is confined to points of entry and exit only
  • No disruption to road, river or rail traffic and no scarring of the landscape
  • Equipment works from surface with no need for deep excavations
  • HDD is quick and in many cases has lower overall costs
  • HDD is unaffected by surface obstacles
  • Can be used to install pipes in changeable ground conditions