Directional-Boring-&-Fencing-Highwood-Generating-Plant-022Williamson Directional Boring offers safe underground utility locating services. The hydro excavation process lends itself to be a very clean and precise method of digging. Our trained crew will safely locate and identify the utility allowing you to perform your work in a safe, timely manner. Save money and reduce risk by investing in Williamson Directional Boring’s hydro excavation services for your next underground utility locating project.


Digging is dangerous because gas lines, water pipes, electrical lines, and telecommunication cables are all located underground. You can have someone from your energy company come and mark your property for these obvious lines, but unknown pipes and lines from the construction of your home or building can go unnoticed and put your excavation team or your personal safety at risk. Williamson Directional Boring will make digging underground safer and much more cost effective with experienced hydro vacuum excavation.


Williamson Directional Boring requires all our workers to have an extensive knowledge of how our equipment works and how to locate underground utilities to guarantee the utmost safety. This skill level ensures our team will be safe and your property will be minimally damaged during excavation. Our expertise in Hydrovac equipment and utility locating has allowed us to perform over 100,000 jobs without damaging the underlying utilities. Hydrovac for underground utility locating excavates with substantially less risk of damaging to the ground then mechanical digging. Hydrovac excavation liquefies the covering soil of utilities. It then vacuums the soil away and leaves the utility line beneath exposed. This form of excavation minimizes environmental collateral damage and keeps your business and employees safe.