We have been in the business of installing underground utilities using Trenchless Technology for over 16 years, performing commercial, industrial, residential, and public works.

With our modernly equipped fleet of directional drilling and boring equipment and our experienced crew members we are capable of executing turn-key projects, or simply working alongside our clients as subcontractors.

We have completed a vast array of projects. From single 1″ conduits to 20″ casings, conduit bundles, fusible PVC, HDPE and MDPE conduits.


We have all the right tools for the job

Williamson Directional Boring invests thousands of dollars in our fleet of drilling equipment, but our most valuable asset is our people. Through extensive training and in-depth course work, our employees achieve an impressive skill set and knowledge of safety procedures. Our company policy of locating all existing utility crossings and parallel utilities before drilling begins is just one more example of how safety is our number one priority.


Equipment and Technology

  • Hydrovac for Underground Utility Locating
  • Late model fleet
  • Capable of efficiently handling large and small drilling projects
  • Capable of making bores up to 1,000 ft. in length
  • Boring for 1-inch to 20-inch pipe diameters